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Rex, Silver & now New Zealands Show Rabbits

Welcome to Silverwolf's Rabbitry


We are A.R.B.A. Registered Rabbitry Showing & Breeding Rex, Silver &  New Zealand rabbit Breeds, located in Puget Sound area of Washington State, established in 2004. We have over 20 years experience in Rabbit husbandry & over 10 years in Showing in A.R.B.A Shows.  

     It is our goal to breed and raise quality show stock. We are registering most of our breeding stock and will eventually breed only registered stock. We also show and work towards a Grand Champion certificate for most of the rabbits we raise. Our goal is to produce healthy, vigorous individuals that meet the
A.R.B.A. Standard of Perfection for all Breeds of Rabbit that we raise. We hope to be able to Grand our show stock before retiring them for breeding. Eventually we hope to establish our lines by having Red, White and Blue registered animals. We want to produce show quality stock with a proven, quality pedigree.



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